Our Mission

Effective management of rental properties by development and implementation of individaul management programs enhancing each property’s strengths to ensure achievement of the propery owners’ objectives.

About the Company

Since its inception in 1988, Parkwood Property Management, Inc. has successfully managed rental property throughout Pierce County. Strict Tenant Screening policies, strong communication with tenants and owners, and hand on management practices are tools used to achieve that goal.

Parkwood Property Management, Inc. began as a division on Parkwood Realty, Better Homes & Gardens in early 1988. In March 1993, Ms. Bethel purchased the company. As an owner-operated business, we have the advantage of giving our clients the personal attention they deserve. Our staff realized that each client and property has individual concerns and tailors its management programs to meet those needs.

At this time, Parkwood Property Management, Inc. manages approximately 350 units throughout Pierce County; serving local, stateside and out-of-country clients. Our rental units range in price from $450 - $2500 per month, allowing us to serve a wide variety of rental property customers.

Our Team

Valarie Bethel, MPM, RPM

Designated Broker / Owner

Valarie Bethel, MPM, has been a property manager since 1986. She currently holds Washington State Real Estate- Designated Broker's License, the Residential Management Professional (RPM) (1997) and Master Property Manager (MPM) (1999) Designations from the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). Fewer than 70 property managers Nationwide hold the MPM designation.

NARPM is a national trade association comprised of licenses real estate agents and brokers specializing in residential property management. Members of NARPM agree to abide by the professional and ethical standards set forth in the Bylaws, to promote high standards of business ethics, professionalism and fair housing practices, and to educate ourselves on the property management industry and laws.

Katie Howard

Managing Broker, Property Manager

Joanne Harris

Office Manager

Marketing Advantages


Military Contracts

  • Weekly updated to JBLM MARN system, housing offices and www.AHRN.com

Chamber of Commerce

  • Sending Welcome Packets to those inquiring about relocating to our area.

Rental Referral Offices

  • Cooperating with rental list compilation agencies and Relocation services to assure that your home is listed free of charge.


  • Used as requested and permitted by local ordinances.


  • Existing Tenant Referral Program
  • Cooperation with NARPM Affiliates & Local Real Estate Sales Agents
  • Institutional Advertising
  • Free Rental Lists available



No pets of any kind are allowed by the resident or guests except by prior written permission of the owner/agent. Any violation of this will result in termination of tenancy and the withholding of the entire deposit by the owner/agent. An unauthorized pet is a lease violation and will result in a $500 penalty and forfeiture of security deposit. Tenant will be responsible for all costs to restore property due to pet damage.

  • 1) Pets must be 2+ years of age. No puppies or litters.
  • 2) Pets must be altered, licensed and immunized.
  • 3) A pet agreement must be on file and a pet fee paid for each pet agreement. This in no way limits additional amounts due from the resident for cleaning, damage, repainting, carpet cleaning, fumigation, etc. Tenant must comply with pet agreement.
  • 4) Pets are considered on a case by case basis.
  • 5) No pets allowed that are considered “Insurance Industry Banned Breeds”
  • Pit Bulls (Pit Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, or Miniature Bull Terriers. Crossbreeds with American Pit Bull Terriers) No full bred or mix.
  • Rottweilers No Full bred or mix
  • Akita Including Japanese and Akita Inu
  • Bernese Including Mountain Dog, Berner Sennenhund and Bernese Cattle Dog
  • Canary Dogs Including Perro de Presa Canario
  • Chow Chow
  • Doberman
  • German shepherd
  • Husky Including American, Eskimo and Greenland (Siberian is ok)
  • Karelian Bear Dog
  • Rhodesian ridgeback
  • Russo-European Laika Including Russian Laika and Karelian Bear Laika
  • Wolf Hybrids
The foregoing applies to both purebred and mixed breed dogs. Any breed of guard dog trained to attack

6) Pets are not a protected class. Pets are considered and allowed at the discretion of the property manager and property owner. While many of our homes are Pet Friendly, each property has its own pet allowances/restrictions. Some properties may have a strict No Pet Policy.